Austin, TX
Thursday, 12:54 PM
December 10, 2020

Here's fasting solved for you.

We naturally fast when we need to get shit done.

I.e. Missing lunch in order to keep working so you can finish your task, etc.

So if you're one of those people who wants to fast more, but aren't doing it yet…

You don't need to worry about fasting, so let that feeling go.

What you need to be focused on is having intervals of time in your day where you've got a task to do… and you're not eating until it's done.

Those moments will come, if they're not already there.

And when they do, understand that you're going to GET IT done because… you're not going to eat until it is done!

I know, that sounds really simple yet probably not easy which is why you're making excuses in your head as to why you can't do it… (obviously if you already are doing it, you're excepted)

But for me, I think:

If I want to fast more… I should not force it but merely ride the wave of what will already be there – the work!

“I will work until I get this task done.”

That's my mindset tool that I am pulling out right now as I type this.

And me personally, I got plenty of extra fat on my body (hovering around 210 lbs on my 6 foot frame),

So I now WANT to use fasting as a tool to output more energy,

Simultaneously helping me lose weight and also be more productive.

I'm not just more productive because I'm spending more time…

I'm also using stored energy that is already there, waiting to be used.

And when you look at it from that perspective…

Fasting is not hard – it's just you never had a hard enough challenge that forced you to fast – i.e. you weren't working hard enough!

But for the sake of your own confidence in yourself…

Fasting will give you that boost of energy (or at least the continuance of your energy) and momentum into doing something that is…

Well, not eating or digestion — whatever else you'd like!

We just don't realize the cost of eating and digestion.

Whatever the cost is, it's too high. That energy needs to be used in work.

Hopefully, now you do realize the investment-in-yourself opportunity here…

That sacrifice you make of not eating will help you get shit done.

A transformation must take place…

We must endeavor to go on and keep doing everything the same, but with one change:

When you've got shit to do…

Do it until it's done, then eat.

Or in other words,

Don't eat till it's done!

Have confidence and faith that it WILL be done because you are using the power of fasting!

( . . . pause . . . )

Disclaimer: Now is a good time to explain that this is not advice – this is just how my crazy mind works and this message is just as much if not more for myself than anybody else. That said, you do with it what you will.

( . . . back to the message . . . )

In this paradigm, what we call fasting becomes a tool.

It's a tool YOU are using, and now you're getting the benefits of fasting you hoped for but always struggled to get in the past.

YOU are in control.

YOU are creating a synergy between two forces, the force of fasting plus the force of focused, concentrated, relaxed-in-the-storm work (or practice, or training).

Instead of expending energy to force yourself to do something, you're now gaining power from riding along the currents of another force that is already there working. And it can work for you!

That is, if you choose to let it work for you, if you choose to see it.

That also means…

Before that time comes to put in hours of immersion into working on a task or mission, your #1 priority is to…

R E L A X .

And after?

Then you can feast, then you can reward yourself if you want/have that capability.

Everything is going according to YOUR creation.

Your job is to know what it is you are creating… that is, creating with your thoughts, words, actions, choices, etc.

What it is you are creating is something that needs to be finely tuned on the daily, on the regular… it is awareness.

Speaking of awareness…

Is there anything of your experience more basic than awareness?


What does that tell you?

For one, it's most important.

So what I do is a state hack called:

360-Panoramic Vision

I am simply labeling the experience and practice of…

Going from narrow vision (or visual acuity) to a wider field of vision. Seeing more of the background.

FP Naudi calls it tuning into the boredom.

Just sitting in nature and doing nothing, and not focusing on any one tree, but the whole forest.

That in itself is a practice.

And from my own practice, I've learned that it can be done anytime, anywhere…

Even if you don't have access to nature or beautiful scenery…

Even, say, if you're in a fight!

And by giving it this label and explaining the process, I now can use that label as a cue or command to do that process! Or, have someone else to do it.

“360-Panoramic Vision” or just “Panoramic” or “Pano-vision” for short.

I, as the coach or trainer in this situation, can now command my student or client to “break free from the matrix” or snap out of your trance/some external force that's “got you”, and I can do that on command.

The idea would be that in the process, I as the coach or trainer am teaching them to do it more and more as a practice.

And the beauty of coaching is…


That said, priority numero uno is…

Be the coach of YOURSELF here and now. You tell yourself, you cue yourself into practicing 360-Panoramic Vision.

Why practice?

Well first of all.. Why not?

Lord knows I have spent my fair share of time on B.S. television programming (especially as a young child of the '90s) and all sorts of time wastes.

In contrast, this feels like a better expenditure of time to me, for functional purposes.

The biggest benefit is parasympathetic activation (aka rest and digest mode, aka the pre-requisite for healing and recovery).

It's simply the case that when you do 360-Panoramic Vision, you cannot be focused so narrowly on any one thing to where it's draining you of energy and increasing your cortisol levels. (Think: any distraction that needs to be removed from you're life because it's not helping you)

If I can spend my time watching anything on a screen, then surely I can be spending my time practicing 360-Panoramic Vision looking at nature, or if not nature, whatever is in front of me at any moment in time…

And widening my vision, rather than narrowing it on any one detail, or one thing… or one problem.

Why the F not?

That's me. That's my choice. We all have our own choices to make in life. I'm merely sharing it and letting you know the benefits.

To became a master at this is to become more relaxed in tense situations.

To become a master at this is to live life without getting pulled and sucked into the wrong directions.

To become a master at this is to be the master of your own destiny.

But you are already a master, you just have to shed the layers.

And it's not that you want to do this all the time 24/7… Obviously we need to narrow our eyes onto fine details at times…

But it's that in order to GET you to do it going forward (coach perspective), you need to practice doing it 24/7 for a while… until it becomes a part of you.

We're all at different places in life, but if we take a slice out of the thing we call time and we call that slice NOW…

That's when we should start.

Start with however much time you can in the beginning, and work your way up.

Don't beat yourself up for not doing it… just get to work.

That's my training for today and any time I have to, or feel compelled to… especially when I'm thinking that I need to fast or fast more.